All about our boots!

Custom made boots - as we said!

Legendary Boot Company is truly a custom bootmaker. Seldom are any two boots that leave our shop exactly alike. Although we have standard styles, you can make changes in color and type of leather, toes, heels, height of the top and top shape and design.

Many of these selections are on the order form and won’t change the price of the boot. We will be happy to send you leather swatches of any leathers we offer and will try and find other leathers of your choice that are available.

If your changes affect the price we’ll contact you before we start your boots.
Special design projects are also available at Legendary Boot Company, we can make boots with brands or your company logo as well as inlays, tooling, just about anything you can imagine.

Give us a call with your special needs and ideas and we’ll work out a price and get started on your one of a kind boots.

Bob McLean
Master Bootmaker